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Today small and mid-size businesses (SMB) have great advantage to compete with large conglomerates and that is possible because of the worldwide web and in particular mobile devices and smart phones. With relatively small investment SMB business can project a big image with little or no difference from large corporates. The trend in today's world is moving more and more toward being "mobile connected" and not to be strapped to an office to be able to view any document or browse the net. That being said it is not sufficient any longer in today's market to compete properlywith just having a great website, businesses that want higher level of presence must invest and develop mobile apps that are robust and can deliver positive experience and great solutions to customers of their offered products.

Today, Mobile Apps are becoming a major source of revenue for companies and the technologies get faster, easier, and better this trend will continue to grow. Statistics show that spending via mobile commerce accounted for $87.78 billion in 2014 for the 500 leading retailers which is about 21% of web sales for them.*


                 Mobile App Usage Overview**


                  Number of mobile apps downloads worldwide

102.1 Billion

                  Projected number of apps downloads 2017

268.7 Billion

                 Number of free mobile apps downloads

92.88 Billion

                  Number of paid mobile app downloads

9.19 Billion

                  Worldwide mobile retail projects cost in 2014

34 Billion


                  App Stores**


                  Number of apps in Google Play store


                  Number of apps in Windows Phone store



                 Reach & Traffic**


                 Number of U.S. visitors to Facebook App on IOS

47.25 Million

                  Number of U.S. visitors to Google Play App on Android

72.25 Million

                 Monthly social media minutes spent on Facebook in U.S

230 Minutes


We at Networks 360 have a highly accomplished and passionate Mobile App developers working across all platforms of development. We've been developing Mobile Apps since 2007 and we are well equipped to help your business develop its Mobile App whether it is the first or needs to get a face lift on an existing App.

Our team is ready to work with you on a simple App with few functions to highly complex Apps which address the most discriminating needs across a wide array of industries.


Your App will be fully integrated into your existing website and system to maximize the benefits and enhance the experience of your customers. When you already to take this leap into the App world, call us at Networks 360 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your Mobile Apps needs.

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