Networks360 Cloud Backup- the Effective and the Efficient

Effective Networks360 Cloud Backup solution for robust data protection and backups.

Networks360 Cloud backup is integrated to offer the most competent and effective data backup to its customers. Being a professional Managed Service company with dedicated cloud data backup expertise, we are considerate of the fact the backup needs of our clients may vary for each individual and that despite all the different needs the one thing that remains consistent for all customers is- They wish data backup wouldn’t take much of their time.

Keeping in mind the requirements of our clients, we at Networks360 have introduced partial Backup that adheres to the swift cloud backup needs of businesses. The partial cloud backup will not only ensure security of your data, but also enable you to concentrate on your business without getting into messy and time consuming data backup procedures. In this blog we will see how partial backup can help you backup your data on cloud without having to spend much time.
Introducing Cloud Partial backup:
Cloud backup has become an integral part of overall Managed Services. Businesses are preferring cloud backup to protect their data while keeping in pace with their competitors. However, with more and more businesses getting on the cloud backup, the only complaint that professionals receive is the time consuming process for backing up their services. Keeping this in mind, Networks360 has introduced a easy to manage and operate partial cloud backup that facilitate customers to create a cloud backup of their data efficiently by avoiding complete time-consuming backups process. There is no special procedure to install, activate and run this procedure.
In order to better understand the working of this enhanced cloud backup service, let’s imagine an example of backing up 10 files and running weekly backups,

•    On the first go, you will need to backup all of the 10files
Now, let’s assume you amend some files (say file 4, 5 &10)
•    Since you have already backed up your complete data initially, now you don’t need to redo backup for the entire batch. Rather you will need to backup only the amended files (i-e file 4, 5 & 10), saving you lot of time.
Similarly, each time you make any amendment to the batch of those 10 files, you will only be required to backup the amended files rather the complete batch. This intelligent backup process helps businesses save loads of precious time and give them leverage to compete with their peers in the business.
All in all, partial cloud backup from Networks360 will save time and money for businesses and let them grow as we take care of their data. The service package is not only time-effective but also cost-effective as you don’t need to lots of bandwidth and saving space.

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