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Migrate Now – End of Support for Windows Server 2003 OS!

Businesses are facing a tough situation since Microsoft’s announcement of the end of extended support for its Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015. Simply put, there won’t be any more patches or updates for Windows Server 2003.

Before announcing the end of extended support for Windows Server 2003, Microsoft had also withdrawn its support for windows XP. This was challenging for businesses; however, this time businesses and organizations will find it even tougher to cope with migration issues for their servers.

It’s time to start investing funds in updating systems to the latest Server OS like Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

While this news might initially be problematic for many businesses it is actually an opportunity for businesses to migrate to more contemporary and upgraded platforms like Server OS 2012. Windows Server 2003 is more than a decade old and has become nothing but a mess of multi-layered updates and patches struggling to keep up with modernization in technology businesses and security threats.

It is essential to meet today’s technological challenges head on. Back in 2003, internet was not developed to the extent which it today is. Moreover, businesses and organizations weren’t facing security threats and breaches that they are facing today. Back then the major security concern for most businesses was internal connectivity. Today the complex chain of operations connecting organizations to suppliers and customers demand a more comprehensive and competent platform for which Windows Server 2003 was just not designed.

Today, there are approximately 10 million live systems operating with Windows Server 2003 with one third located in Europe. Keeping in mind the current economic scenario, many businesses could be determined to keep running Server 2003 OS without updates and support, but that would be a risky decision to make. You need to start investing in migration to keep your business safe and running. “Migrate” is the first advice from experts and analyst around the world.

Though migration to a modern OS system is a time and cost consuming task, it is the most intelligent decision for long- term business stability and security. There might be compatibility issues with many vital business applications, but with the right guidance and dedicated investment, businesses can make their migration successful and cost effective in the long term.

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