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    Our IT professionals have the expertise to determine your needs and create the ideal network solution for your company's goals.

Managed IT Services Houston

  • Access to  System360  helpdesk for a fixed rate.
  • Your server and computers will be monitored by System 360.
  • Your email will be spam free, secured and backed up by us.
  • 24/7 for health checks with monthly report.
  • Many other features that deliver a great value to you.

Wi-Fi Solutions Houston

  • Free gateway on your premises.
  • Free general guest login page.
  • Wired & Wireless guestroom access.
  • Real-time user status information.
  • Control of your internet bandwidth.

Dental IT Support

  • Dedicated IT Services in Houston technicians experienced in the Dental IT Support industry
  • A team that monitors your IT infrastructure
  • Integration of Dental & Medical Software
  • Networking solutions that are in compliance with HIPAA
  • Minimal downtime due to regular network maintenance
  • Patient data security and integrity maintained
  • Recovery and backup solutions compliant with HIPAA

Migration to Office 365

  • Increase your automation, and reduce your paperwork.
  • Content Management for Web, Records and Documents.
  • It comes with powerful workflow, security and policies.
  • Automatic software updates, so you will have the latest technology.

What We Do ?

We work with our clients to provide secure, quality, cost-effective solutions for all of their IT Technology in Houston.

Managed IT Services

System 360 Managed IT Services in Houston provides you with reliable support for your IT network, including software

Network Cabling in Houston

In technology everything must work in sync and harmony to get the best results, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.

Wifi Solutions Houston

Business Wi-Fi is a manner of offering wi-fi connectivity to your clients, customers, and guests.

VoIP Solutions in Houston

Today VoIP phone systems command a large segment of the phone communication market due to their efficiency

Houston Network Security

Security is in high demand these days. There are reports almost every week about a breach of some kind

Cloud Solutions in Houston

Cloud solutions for SMB allows you the opportunity to use hardware, software and IT support in Houston

Data Backup Houston

Managed Online Backup from System360 will help you save and recover data in a variety of ways. With a hybrid

Office 365

In today’s environment, reliance on the Cloud is becoming a necessity. Having the ability to access all your files

Server Support Houston

System 360 offers a IT Support in Houston that tracks and reports alerts for any issues with your system.


Managed IT Services from System360 provide proactive, monitoring and support for your IT infrastructure. This helps ensure the stability, security, and efficiency of your systems, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while reducing downtime and IT-related issues.
System360 offers a comprehensive range of Managed IT Services, including Dental IT Support, Cloud Computing Solutions, Data Backup, Network Security, Network Cabling, Server support, VoIP solutions, Wi-Fi Solutions, and Office 365 solutions.
Yes, System360 provides Network Cabling services to ensure a reliable and efficient network infrastructure. We can install and maintain cabling solutions tailored to your business needs.
System360 offers Server support to keep your server infrastructure running smoothly. Our services include maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting to minimize server downtime and optimize performance.
You can contact System360 through email, or phone. Visit our "Contact Us" page for more information and to schedule a consultation with our team of experts.

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