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Negligence Mail Security- A perilous practice for businesses

Often we notice companies neglecting mandatory measures to protect their valuable data, until they became victim of data loss- too late most of the time. One can assume the magnitude of risk involved in data loss by looking at the latest data breach at eBay- an incident that cost privacy of over 230 million customers as per Motley Fool.

This is just one example and the list can go quiet long. However, the only thing that it implies is the necessity of taking necessary measures for data protection through vigorous data protection infrastructure. A latest survey by infographic reveals that the reason companies often neglect the cyber security is because they are not able to understand the potency of implicit threats in cyber space which has to change- change for the better.

Lack of Cyber security concerns- A perilous practice for businesses
A recent study found that the criminal behavior of many organizations especially small and weak enterprises on cyber security infrastructure bears equal guilt as the cybercrime itself. Companies and enterprises have a lethargic and lazy approach when it comes to cyber security that includes mail security, cloud backup, remote management and managed services. Around 30% of companies admit that cyber and mail security is not even on the priority lists of their senior management. This conduct of companies when compared with the global statistics of ever growing number of cyber crimes sums up to reveal the magnitude and scale of problem.

Getting to the core of this lethal disparity, we will come to know that the problem lies in interpretation of reality with perceived reality. What really hindered companies and their IT executives to adapt proper and competent managed services and mail security is their perceived thinking that the fact they are never attacked means they won’t be attacked in future. This is an agenda that stop over 40% of businesses to adapt efficient and robust managed services with IT mail security.

Reality is far from what companies perceive of it. The fact that a business has never been attacked is no guarantee that it won’t be attacked in forthcoming. Companies and businesses have to realize that criminals and hackers are undergoing stealth and sophistication each day and only a complacent, competent and rigid managed service can ensure safety and protection of precious business data.

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