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Potential of Cloud Technology for Distributed Enterprises

For many years we have been hearing the pervasiveness of cloud technology in corporate IT. This also includes potential tools that can help in management and development of corporate networks. Though this is a common phenomena which is quite commonly heard everywhere, a feature that has not been immune to this phenomena is the wireless networking.

Cloud technology is certainly not reached its potential height when it comes to wireless networking, this is partially due to the fact that technologies encompassing the hosting, controlling and managing if networks through cloud technology are not being massively introduced by vendors and that there is still much to achieve in this aspect. Recently there have been many significant developments in developing technologies that incorporate cloud technology in wireless networking which is like a fresh breeze for corporate IT sectors.
Though there are many significant positives of converting Corporate IT networks towards cloud technology, the most noticeable is the expenditure shift from capex to opex with light physical infrastructure, centralizing management of network and lean IT staff. The technology is especially beneficial for what we term as” distributed enterprises”. These are enterprises with a central headquarter (with IT section) and many other branches spread across distant places. Common examples of such enterprises may include hospital systems, banks, retail chains, chain of schools etc.

Now the question might arise that what really is the utility of cloud technology for distributed enterprises? The answer is simple and straightforward, it helps distribute enterprises to lower their cost and centralize their IT networking system; making it convenient for them to manage and control their network from headquarters. This can be easily understood by taking into account a virtual example of an enterprise with it’s headquarter located in Houston with the IT section residing in headquarter and its branches spread across the state of Texas. Now if there is a networking issue in a branch located in Austin then it would be too costly and time consuming for IT staff to travel all the way from Houston to Austin and fix a small problem. Alternatively, with cloud technology into effect, it can be possible to deal the IT concern by pushing upgrades and making subtle changes via management console right from the headquarters. This would mean enhanced performance and efficiency for businesses and lowering of cost simultaneously.

Moreover, the recent enhancement in cloud technology has enabled it to be as simple as “plug and play” module which means that distributed enterprises doesn’t necessarily have to bear the cost of hearing professional IT workforce in their branches as it can be dealt by the IT team located in headquarter. Moreover, the technology also minimizes the use of hardware and power usage. All these factors contribute in making cloud technology as the best and most viable options for all businesses especially distributed enterprises.

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