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Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Social Media

It’s no secret, that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are widely used and massively popular in today’s world. They don’t call this the Information Age for no reason, and now more than any time before it is readily apparent that subscribers use such sites as more than just online platforms to meet and communicate with other people.

It’s not unusual for our Internet-born generation to hear major news stories or updates first on a social media site instead of on TV, a newspaper, or the radio. Businesses can and certainly should take advantage of such a key communication tool that if used correctly, can become a great tool for marketing as well. Listed below are several reasons why you should own social media pages for your business.

  1. Real-Time Marketing – Every good business knows the value of having a sale, but instead of advertising the sale where people may not see it until its final days, you can post special offers and limited-time deals directly onto user’s news feeds. Because these are sites people visit daily and are constantly checking, it’s almost like sending a text to your clients!
  2. Friends and Followers –Reach millions of people and then some! Friends of your followers can see the “likes” of their friends, which if this includes your business, could turn into yet another like. Start this effective chain reaction and get them talking about you amongst each other.
  3. Extra Links – A social media site is yet another link you can add to your company’s website which can lead your page to get a higher ranking on search engines. Link to Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more to have Google popping your name up first!
  4. Personal Customer Satisfaction – Instead of deleting negative comments on your page, it’s better to allow people to see that you can take criticism and improve your business because of it. Better yet, reply to those comments with fixes so that others can see that your business is willing to go the extra mile.
  5. Make Yourself Trendy – You don’t have a Facebook page? What year do you think this is?! On a more serious note, your business should have profiles on social media pages because customers look for you on them. Not owning any is on par with not having a functional website for your business and could turn away potential customers, especially online shoppers.

It’s not necessary to trade “likes” for business or force people to follow you if they want to partake in a special deal. Instead, give them the option, to keep up with your social media sites, and see natural results that will get you more business in the long run.

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