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Email Protection to help you secure and scale

Businesses commonly use Mail Protection Services as one of the most frequently employed tools, but it can also pose a significant risk to mail assurance security. In order to protect your email and keep it from becoming a liability, you need to take steps to secure and scale it. One way to do this is by using email protection software. This software can help you keep your email server secure and prevent it from becoming overloaded. It can also help you manage your email traffic and keep your data safe.

Our Mail Protection Services protects people from phishing, spam, viruses, ransomware, social engineering, and other email-borne threats. It blocks 99.96 percent of all malware, as tested by Antivirus.

  • Keep phishing,  ransomware, and viruses out of your network
  • Detect and protect in real-time with collective threat intelligence and machine learning
  • Help secure inbound and outbound email with full SPF/DKIM/DMARC support
  • Get 24/7 email continuity and encrypted, long-term email archiving with unlimited storage
  • Mail protection is available across Microsoft 365 and G Suite and it is a fully integrated part of these platforms.
Secure and Reliable Email Protection
Email Protection

Mail Protection Solutions

Advanced email protection is a service that helps protect email from being intercepted and read by unauthorized individuals. The service provides a secure connection between the sender’s email client and the recipient’s email server, which helps to ensure that the contents of the email are not compromised. In addition, the service can also help to protect against spam and phishing attacks.

Mail Assure is a spam blocking service that uses machine learning to block more than two billion spam messages each month. The service uses artificial intelligence to learn the characteristics of spam messages and then block them before they reach your inbox. Mail Protection Services also includes a powerful search engine that makes it easy to find any message in your archive. The built-in search engine can even find messages that have been marked as spam, so you don’t have to review every email to make sure it’s legitimate.

Defense against new and incoming email attacks

Use DKIM and SPF to authenticate email. Stop phishing attacks with DMARC. Protect your domain from email-borne threats with advanced filtering technology.

With Mail Protection Services, you get an additional layer of security for your organization’s email communications.

Our cloud-based proprietary engine generates adaptive systems in real-time to detect new threats. Machine learning, antivirus, and reputational tracking address new attacks.

Defense against new and incoming email attacks
Defense against new and incoming email attacks

Recognize real-time threats with Mail Threat Protection

Deliver the right content to the right user, at scale. Mail Assure’s adaptive technology delivers a personalized experience for each of your recipients by adapting to the context and behavior of each recipient. adapt systems to protect your organization and protect yourself from phishing and other email-borne threats.

Our proprietary engine is fed continuous data from 23 million email boxes to recognize new threat patterns. Help protect against malware, phishing, impersonation, human error, and more.

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