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Grow your Business with Business WiFi

Did you know that business wifi has been shown to increase foot traffic to businesses, increase the length of time customers stay, and improve sales? That’s right! A well-designed wi-fi network for your business can improve how your business performs.

What is Business WiFi Solutions?

Business WiFi is a way of providing WiFi connectivity to your clients, customers, and guests. Furthermore, it can also be integrated as part of a business intranet, enabling your employees to access shared content within your servers from anywhere on the premises.

The capacity to connect and interact digitally has witnessed exponential growth over the years. This trend will persist, further uniting the world through digital connections. To ensure your business is part of this expansion, consider establishing a business WiFi network

Managed WiFi Solutions in Houston

There are a lot of aspects to business wi-fi. Setting up an effective network is an essential part of managed wi-fi services.

  • Network cabling and router setup
  • Technical support to troubleshoot issues
  • IT security and encryption
  • WiFi Solutions Houston
  • Data backup

The network needs to be carefully laid out to keep cables out of sight and organized. Additionally, security is crucial for your business. It is essential to protect your business and client information from hackers, thieves, viruses, and hardware failure. Therefore, data backup services are implemented to safeguard your important files from being lost due to a hardware failure, malicious virus attack (such as ransomware), and other issues. Moreover, regular backups can be accessed and updated as needed, ensuring that you always have security and peace of mind when it comes to your data

Streamlined Connectivity

On a home network, the WiFi is usually secured by a password that is needed just to access the wi-fi point. With business wi-fi, the connection itself is usually open.

There are several ways to manage a wi-fi connection for your business.

Open Connection

Open connections have no encryption key to access. They also may not have any security once connected

Security Key

Set a password on your router that employees or customers need in order to access.

Facebook Login

Increase social media engagement with a Facebook login. There are no new accounts to create, and the login brings clients right to your Facebook page so they can like, review, or post on it. You can also incentivize logins with check in bonuses (i.e. a discount for checking into a coffee shop).

Login Page

Grant access to just your clients with a login page. It can be as simple as a room number and general password for the login.

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