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System 360 help you to Protect Your Network security in Houston with Cabling & Server Support

Security is in high demand today. Reports of breaches occur almost weekly, involving personal photos, financial data, and even medical records. As our world grows more connected, the threat of cyber-crime increases.

Detecting security breaches is one thing; preventing them is another challenge.

Basic encryption is similar to locking your home’s doors. Cybercriminals constantly seek new ways to break in and steal desired data. Just as a burglar could enter a locked house through a window, cyber criminals search for alternate paths around basic security.

Enhance protection with a robust firewall. Firewalls actively repel cyber attacks on networks or servers. These attacks may involve ransomware, DDoS attacks, and malware.

Protect your Data from Ransomware Threat

Defending Houston's Network: Guarding Against Ransomware Threats

These viruses often encrypt every file on your computer. Additionally, they force you to pay a hefty sum, often in crypto-currency, to receive a key to unlock the files. However, in many cases, even if you pay the thieves, there’s no guarantee they’ll give you the key to unlock the files.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks in Houston, flood a server with thousands or even millions of requests. As a result, this overloads the server and causes it to crash. In the end, you’ll be able to recover the server and continue as normal. However, any outage of a website or intranet in Houston can lead to lost revenue.

Other forms of malware encompass a wide range of actions. These actions encompass spreading viruses, redirecting website requests, and spying on browsing history or keypad inputs, among many others. While certain instances can be relatively harmless, others can lead to truly disastrous consequences.

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