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How Does a Sonicwall Firewall Protect Your Network?

Firewalls have been around since the early days of the internet. Simply put, a firewall is designed to protect a computer or network from intrusions ­­­ people or programs trying to break into your computer or network. Most computers come pre-equipped with a firewall, and these help reduce the number of unwanted intrusions, but they won’t get all of them most likely.

Since a standard pre-loaded firewall isn’t enough to protect a computer completely, many people looking to protect their computers turn to more powerful firewalls that effectively stop all but the most intense intrusions. When it comes to networks, a special router is needed to secure the whole network of computer from external intruders.

The Sonicwall firewall by Dell is one such router. Across all of these routers Dell has built, they stop 4.7 billion intrusions every day. The SonicOS technology at the core of every router inspects every packet of data as it enters the router, both inside and outside the network. This deep packet inspection (DPI) searches for threats buried in network traffic and provides unlimited real-time security 24/7.

The SonicOS also provides a real-time visualization of all traffic on the network, allowing business owners and network administrators to prioritize bandwidth, control access to internal and external websites, and control application use for individuals, group, or organizations. Combined with the deep packet inspection, this provides admins with enough data to determine exactly what data is coming from what application on what computer. There is never any guesswork when it comes to determining how your bandwidth is being used.

Sonicwall firewalls also allow administrators to prevent data leaks when transmitting sensitive data over the network. This leak prevention can be implemented using user-­defined passwords or even specific file restrictions, ensuring that the right file gets to the right person.

Altogether, these features of a Sonicwall firewall increase employee productivity, protect the network from viruses, bots, and spyware, and makes network management simple. All network traffic can be prioritized, allowing critical apps the most bandwidth, accepted apps get managed bandwidth, and any unauthorized apps are blocked. With comprehensive protection and ease of management, the Dell Sonicwall is an optimal choice for protecting your small business network.


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