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Some great Platforms to get high-resolution photos for free!

Pictures are right at the heart of any web design project. Designers are always after quality pictures that not only adhere to the overall theme of website but also add the niche of exquisiteness and attractiveness to the website. Like anything else that we might need to find on cyberspace, pictures can also easily be searched by Google. All the pictures that come under the Creative Common license or public domain can be used without having to consider copyright concerns.

However, there is a definite problem when looking for pictures on Google. Google might be the best search engine in the industry; still, it fails to surface most of the content that is offered for free. Algorithms from Google; specifically for image searching prefer stock photography pages while leaving free listings in the void. Now, here are some great platforms where you can search for truly captivating and high-quality masterpiece imagery for free.

1. freeimages.com– Certainly one of the biggest and most valuable repositories of high-resolution photos that are available for free downloads and use anywhere you want. The only prerequisite for photos download is a sign-up account.
2. picjubmo.com– This is a personal/private website with exceptionally brilliant photos available to be downloaded for commercial and personal use. Every photo on the website is being taken by the site owner who encourage user to use them for free- the only demand is the proper accreditation.
3.  Google.com– you can search photos from archive of millions of photos from LIFE library. All of the archive photos on the website are free to be used for non-commercial or private use.
4. pixabay.com– Again a great photo archive awaits you on pixabay. You can search through millions of CC0 licensed photographs and use them for free anywhere you want. You can also search photographs by means of camera model (a rare utility).
5. Unsplash.com– Unsplash is one of the best website for searching and downloading for highly interactive high-resolution photos and images. You can easily subscribe to their newsletter and get qualified for free gift of 10 high-resolution photos every 10th day. The most important thing is that all images you can find on the website are 100% CC0 license which means that you are in full control to use them wherever you want.
6. flickr.com– This is the national achieve library of UK with millions of vintage photographs being offered to store and reuse any way you want. All the photographs are in public domain.

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