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Become a WordPress Blogger- A Step by step tutorial to create blog site on WordPress

WordPress has become one of the preferred content management platform for developers. With a overwhelming developer community and competent service and support, more and more developers are choosing WordPress as their preferred platform. Before getting massive appreciation and acceptance as a development platform, WordPress was more commonly known as a free blogging site.

In fact, few years back WordPress was only used as a blogging site and majority of professionals in development industry were unaware or ignorant about the utility of WordPress as a development platform. Times have changes and today more people know WordPress owing to its simplistic approach and utility in creating magnificent websites.
However, WordPress is still one of the best freely available platform for blogging and if you are looking for simple yet impactful platform to start your blogging career, WordPress will help you achieve fame and repute as a professional blogger. Below we will be going through the process of starting your blog site with WordPress.

Getting started
Before you can start exploring the endless possibilities for blogging site in WordPress, you got to install some version (preferably the latest version) of WordPress on your PC/laptop. Being a open source platform you can simply download the latest version of WordPress from the web and install it into your personal computer/laptop. If you are not fully comprehended of the installation process, there are complete installation manuals available over the web that can help you install WordPress in stepwise manner.

Creating Blogs with WordPress
Once you have installed WordPress, you can now start your process of creating a truly aspiring blogging site without any fuss. As you start the application, you would navigate to the login page of WP, where you would need to enter your URL which would be something like this:
Here you would need to provide your login credentials. These credentials would have been created by you during your course of installation (from the first step of installation). Once you have entered your credentials, you would be on the Administration area for the WP.

Posting the Blog
Since you are on the administration page of WordPress, you would see lots of tabs on left side of your screen. These are the tabs for different functionalities and controls which you would be requiring at different times. However, since you are concerned with the blog posting, you can simply navigate to the “All Post” tab on left side of the screen.  Once you are navigated to the “All Posts” page you will see “Add new post” tab on the front of your screen. Simply click on the “Add new post” tab and you would be directed your blogging page.
Fill out different fields of your blog which includes; Title, Main Body, Excerpt, Tags etc.  Once you are done filling out the required fields you can “preview” how your blog will look once published. This will help you to make subtle changes (if required). If you are satisfied with the outlook of your blog simply press “Publish” button. CONGRATS! You are now official blogger with “One Published Blog” over the web.

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