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Smart Phones: Remnant from a glorious norm

Palm Treo was probably the first experience of users with the power and impact of smart phones. Though that was an antique peace with dated technology (as compared to what we are used to today), still being the first of its kind, the phone certainly rang the bells in minds of buyers who started to expected something much bigger than that from the very first day. The Treo also paved the way for the ultimate smart phone that will change the way we thought of telecommunication forever; yes we are talking about iPhone.

iPhone had been undoubtedly the game changer for telecommunication industry as it revolutionized the way we interact. With ultra-simple yet powerful interface, iPhone was able to grab minds of what buyers were looking for.

The IOS operating system was soon accepted as a preferred operating system by buyers, with point-to-click operation becoming the standard norm in years to come. Socializing, emailing and surfing was altogether redefined from what we were used to in the past, and all these traits helped iPhone in becoming the market leaders in smart phones for years to come.

Getting past the gone years, today we see a whole lot of smart phones being introduced on regular basis in the market. iPhone, Samsung and windows phone from Nokia are some of the leading brands in smart phone industry with many more reputable brands competing for glory and success. However, something that has struck smart phone industry is the redundancy and stagnancy. With so many brands competing with each other, buyers are negated of any impactful features that could standout in specific brand.

The Norm

When iPhone was first introduced in the market, the biggest norm that attracted people towards iPhone was its simple yet forceful SLAB shape. The phone was able to get hold of people’s nerves and cash their fantasies about possessing a stylish piece of SLAB. However, since then, the norm has gotten worst.

Today, every smart phone manufacturing company irrespective of its reputation as a big or small manufacturer is in a stupid race of creating the ultimate passionate SLAB that could ignite the users and make the phone the next big phone. However, the reality is that they are failing or we can say falling to heights of stupidity in their quest to create the next big SLAB. Each and every smart phone has almost the same shape with only subtle variations (trying to make them differ from the rest in market; in fact trying to make them different from their own models). Changing the color or adding some extra buttons on the hardware is what companies are trying to do in order to make their smart phones better looking.

All of these stupid changes are taking smart phones nowhere. I mean come on; changing the SLAB to round or giving a bright green color to casing won’t take smart phones anywhere. These are just too apparent changes to be deemed as changes if at all.

The people are in fact so consumed with all these common place features that even the fingerprint sensor in latest iPhone and health sensors in Samsung Galaxy S5 failed to create any buzz in the market and as a result we saw the resignation of Samsung’s design chief (his acceptance of failure to create any impact with the new smart phone). Simply, we can say that that smart phones have become so omnipresent everywhere that there is no charm, no real fantasy that attracts a buyer to specific model and lest there is any significant lead that get to the nerves of buyers, I am afraid smart phone will ultimately lose their charm for buyers at all.

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