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Some Common Mistakes in Logo Designing!

Branding is the foremost consideration before launching of any product in market. After all exhausting processing of establishing the unit, planning and manufacturing of products, it is the branding that makes certain that product has gained public attention. An inspiring and impactful brand marketing is a compulsion for any newly launched product or service . Be very sure that it is the outlook and branding of a product that make or break its impression amongst public.

Branding involves packing, designing of package, logo design and many other aspects. Visual representation of product is the first opportunity for manufacturers to convey the right message that they want to deliver to their customers.

A package design of the product should be design in a manner that can complement the product itself and should be convenient for customers to remember in a highly competitive market. Similarly the most vital component of any branding project is the audacity to produce a fabulous logo. Logos are much more than just the visual representation of company. A company would be remembered and recognized by its logo and logos have to be out on every product manufactured by company so as to engage their customers. Logos are not just meant to be pasted on product’s packaging, they are also engraved on product chassis, brochures, promotional products, writing pads, stationary, flyers, websites and on many other places. Thus, creating a poised and elegant logo that communicate the essence of business is utmost important.Below we will be looking at some common mistakes associated with LOGO designing:

Lack of Customer Centricity
Logos are meant to be audience oriented and should always be designed in consideration to the target audience. This is the very reason why you see children products with plentiful colored logos.

• Wrong use of Symbols, colors and fonts
Again all of these aspects need considerable attention and care. The essence of any logo designing project should be to impress customers and not designer itself. Moreover, design should be considerate of the fact that printing logo in 2D, 3D, monochrome or any other format should not affect the authority and appeal of logo.

• Including too many details
Adding to much detail on logos can backfire very brutally. A little well design logo might go a long way to have lasting impact on customers. A logo should have the potency to communicate all about business aspirations in a compact manner.

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