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Debunking 2 Myths of Social Media Marketing

Marketing war has a new battleground and it’s on cyberspace. Large corporations and enterprises are establishing their market supremacy while battling it out over cyberspace. The battle is getting intense as new competitors are claiming their place in industry challenging old horses and revolutionizing the legends of marketing. So far so good for end users as they are getting more discounts and better promotions as a result of intense inter-business competition among giants.

However, from a marketer perspective we got to admit, we are becoming horses and pawns of those iconic titans who are always pushing marketing agents to their limits, making them work out of their way and establish new strategies that can establish business supremacy. Though today most of business tycoons and enterprises are getting aware of importance and significance of social media marketing, still there are businesses and corporations who are either are ecstatically ignorant or oblivious of social media marketing supremacy; demanding some outrageous efforts from their marketing agents. Below we will be trying to debunk some most oblivious myths capturing minds of businesses- An effort to establish the importance of social media marketing.

Social Media is Black Hole of online Marketing

A claim that can plainly be rejected. Though for most seasoned of marketing agents it can be hard to accumulate figures of market generated through social media platforms, still in the strictest sense we can actually quantify the volume generated through different social media platforms. In fact, thanks to different analytical tools, like Google Analytics, we can now easily track traffic landing on our site from different platforms. Getting more intense, we can actually accumulate traffic from social media platforms that have actually converted.
Now, you might not be able to strictly monitor that precise amount of market generated through these platforms, but then same applies for other marketing platforms and you just can’t get exact market generated through billboards or emails, TV or through direct mails. In fact, today people are more attracted towards brands that are well established on social media in comparison with brands making market through direct email.  So, next time around you find any businessmen comparing social media with marketing black hole you can debunk his myth by showing volume of traffic generated through different analytical tools.

You don’t want to get involved in public debate; Well! That can be handled
Many businesses are terrified of getting negative feedback from customers on their social media platform. This might looks like a big problem for repute of business but then you got to understand that this is your chance to market your product to a completely new level; showing your generosity and graciousness to your customers and listening to their advices, while giving them once in a while feedback can actually work great for your business.
Yes businesses just can’t take the beating of negative feedback on longer run and yes giving everything demanded by customers is just not possible for businesses. But you got to understand that you are not liable to fulfill every demand, however, a rare or two words of appreciation and concern will only add up to your business repute, which you will surely benefit in the business community.

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