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Limitations of Free Email Services and Positives Of Dedicated Email Hosting

Small and medium businesses often neglect the importance of having secure hosted email exchange. Right hosted email exchange is utmost important, especially for growing companies that will soon be shifting to their own dedicated server. This is to ensure that businesses are better adhering to email securities and minimum risks. There are number of security loop holes in traditional emails which include:

1. Security concerns:
Traditional email systems have many security loop holes which can be exploited by expert hackers. With these loopholes hackers can gain access to your email system, posing a serious security threat.
Today there are many hosting exchange companies that can help strengthen your email security. By giving you access to secure IMAP and POP emailing services , these companies ensure that you have secure emailing network for your business related emails. With highly advanced encryptions, the email security systems are getting more and more powerful, making it tougher for hackers to access your email system.

2. Inundation with Spam and Virus mail

Almost everybody out there including a businessman and common man knows the frustration and annoyance caused by inundated spam and virus mails. Traditional mailing systems are not efficient enough to filter out spam mails and viruses from relevant mail, making life much difficult for users.
This situation can be worse for businesses where sorting of spam and virus mails means thousands of mails daily and slightest of negligence from their behalf can cause massive loss of time, energy and data. Therefore many companies are choosing email hosting as their preferred choice. Email support companies also offer email hosting services. These email hosting are specifically designed to filter out any irrelevant, spam or virus mail from the relevant mail, saving time, money and energy for companies.

3. Address book sharing

With dedicated email hosting, it is now possible to have a common address book for entire clientele of company. This not only save time but also simplify the access to clientele for entire company. This book can be uploaded on internal hosting that in return can be accessed by all employees and staff members.

4. Limited Storage

Limited storage on traditional email servers is another bone of contention for businesses. Though many global email services are now offering large storage spaces than ever, still the amount of space required for companies and organizations is inadequate. With dedicated email hosting companies can now store endless amount of data and handle large influx of emails with ease.

5. Inadequate customer service for emails

With all those big guns in emailing businesses, one would expect to have top notch customer service support. Still if you are using one of those free email services you would know that getting the timely and precise support for any concern is still a big concern. Contrarily, with dedicated mailing service, you can be sure to have efficient and expert computer and mailing support for your customers whenever you need.

Increase in business competition has made it compulsory for businesses to have efficient customer support which in turn requires competent mailing system. Secure and competent system can be a make or break thing for companies and it is highly advised to consult some professional email hosting company for enhanced email services.

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